How it all began

Missionaries Pia Lind and Kirsi Nyrhinen asked Outi Välimaa along with two other friends to visit Kenya in 2002. Outi tells how it all began like this: -After arriving in Kenya, I wondered about the lives of children and mothers. I saw how HIV-positive young single mothers and their children were unsafe and in many dangers. As a social work teacher, I realized that maybe I could do something for these mothers and children. After coming back to Finland, I started thinking that I couldn´t do it. I went to a ladies group meeting with photos from Kenya and said: "Let's write a letter together to Kenyan friends and tell them that I cannot help these mothers and children."

I was amazed when my friends replied: "Let's help them together!" We still didn't understand what it really meant, but that evening was the beginning of Hope for Tomorrow organization.

Work in Kenya

In practice, the work started with a support project for students in Mombasa on the eastern coast of Kenya. At first, poor children were supported in their high school studies. The city authorities advised us that the biggest need would be in supporting high school and vocational education. We sent a worker from Finland to Kenya to be responsible for the work together with Kenyan co-workers.

After 4 years these high school students graduated and many of them went on to professional or university studies. Thanks to our faithful supporters, no eager student had to have their studies interrupted. From the group of sponsored students, examples of graduates are: a teacher, an engineer, accountants, and youth pastors.

At the same time as the student’s support project, we started supporting a group of women with HIV/AIDS. These women started their own small businesses: they sold the vegetables they had grown or fish they fried at the market. The women also made soap from the bark of the African Neem tree. The support projects of students and women were assisted by Maureen, a Kenyan worker. Later, with her husband, a pastor, she founded her own social work in the western part of Kenya, in the city of Nakuru. In recent years, we have supported Maureen's food distribution for mothers and children in poor areas.

Work in Uganda

In 2008, friends from Orivesi contacted us about assisting a primary school in Uganda. In the same year, the school led by Paul and Joy Kinataama became Hope for Tomorrow's new work. Supporting low-income students and school operations has continued to be a part of our work. By supporting students, children from families in financial difficulties are prevented from having to beg on the streets. The students are doing well and receive good teaching.

Work in India

Since 2014, we have been supporting a children’s home founded by Elvi Singh, a Finnish missionary who has worked in India for a long time. Bethany Children´s Home cares for girls, who have lost one or both of their parents.

Work in Kenya

Oasis Hospital in Kenya has been an important work of Hope for Tomorrow since 2022. Pia Lind and Kirsi Nyrhinen lead the hospital project. Many mothers from poor areas are able to have safe delivery of their babies and receive maternity care.

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