Hope for Tomorrow - Toivoa huomiseen

Hope for Tomorrow is a Finnish organization that operates in the fields of mission and helps. The main target is to help mothers and children in different countries.

Here you can find information about support programs in different countries, contact information and bank details for support. You are welcome to join the work of Hope for Tomorrow.

Oasis Hospital in Kenya

Hope for Tomorrow is involved in financially supporting the Oasis Hospital in Mombasa area, eastern Kenya. One of the main services of the hospital is maternity care and safe delivery of babies for vulnerable women. Oasis Hospital has grown from a small clinic to a hospital where children and adults who suffer from all kinds of diseases are helped. The hospital also provides HIV/AIDS counseling and care.

Work among families in need

Hope for Tomorrow supports work among poor families in Nakuru, western part of Kenya. The church called Jesus Celebration Center, JCC gives packages of food to families as well as sharing the gospel with them. This way the families experience God’s love, and the church prevents children to be sent to beg on the streets. Hope for Tomorrow also supports Sunday school work for children of JCC church.

Primary school in Uganda

Hope for Tomorrow assists in funding an active primary school in slum area of Kampala, Uganda. The children come from families in need and many have lost one or both parents. At the school students are provided with good teaching, education, meals and support.

Bethany Children’s home in India

Hope for Tomorrow sponsors the Bethany Children’s home in southern India, Vijayawada. The Indian social workers send girls to the Bethany home who are vulnerable or have lost one or both parents. The children’s home provides them good education and a loving home.

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