Work among families in need

Maureen Umbe has been working with Hope for Tomorrow as a social worker in the support program for school children since 2009. Today Maureen leads the work of Jesus Celebration Center in Nakuru, in the western part of Kenya, with her husband, pastor Anthony Musembi. Hope for Tomorrow supports the food distribution work of Maureen´s and Anthony´s church to poor families.

The church prevents children from becoming beggars by regularly distributing food packages to families in need, mainly single mothers and elderly people. These food packages have among other things, maize flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar and soap and they are distributed to around 70 to 80 families at a time. Hope for Tomorrow also supports the church´s Sunday school work organized for the children. Every Sunday there are six children´s meetings, attended by a total of 220 children.


Maureen Umbe & Anthony Musembi

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