Oasis Hospital in Kenya

The hospital is located in Mtwapa in Mombasa area. It was founded in 2006 by missionary workers Pia Lind and Kirsi Nyrhinen. What started as a small clinic has become a modern maternity hospital with surgery department. In 2022 an additional operating theater was built to specifically guarantee safe births. Mortality among newborns and mothers is high. Mother´s often give birth at home and complications often lead to death. Oasis focuses on ensuring safe motherhood and saving the lives of mothers and children. It does not only serve the locals of the area but also people from other cities in the coastal region.

The main mission of the Oasis Hospital is to allow vulnerable pregnant women to come and receive maternity clinic care and give birth without expensive fees.

At the hospital they raise awareness of the importance of nutrition, clean water and hygiene and increase information regarding HIV/AIDS. The hospital offers professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hope for Tomorrow has seen the development of the hospital from the beginning and has been supporting the hospital work since 2022..


Pia Lind and Kirsi Nyrhinen

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